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A jewellery manufacturer in Swansea with more

At Skamperlé Jewellers we are proud to be the only jewellery manufacturer in Swansea that brings outstanding service to customers. This being emphasised by new signage proudly showing the registered name of the Swansea Jewellery Workshop. We are committed to maintaining high standards and  hopefully exceeding the expectations of all our clients.

Our range

 As a manufacturing jeweller there are minimal pieces on display.

Our range is any type of jewellery found in any retail outlet or anything you desire of your own creation.

Phillip discusses the client's needs and then sources only the finest products, be they gemstones, chains or bracelets at competitive prices to compliment your chosen design. If you can’t find it, Phillip can make it.

Repairs and appraisals

Phillip is one the most  experienced and skilled tradesperson's working at their craft today. He can repair your most intricate and treasured pieces, priceless heirlooms and those everday wear items that you hate to be without.

If you’ve been wondering what it’s worth, wonder no more — bring it into the best jewellery manufactuer/valuer in Swansea for a professional appraisal.

Custom design

Some people and occasions are so special that only a stunning piece that matches their uniqueness will do.

Many people choose to design their own engagement and wedding rings for this reason.

Skamperlé Jewellers offer a viewing service to allow clients to fine tune their unique design prior to completion. Make an appointment today. You won't be dissappointed.