A quality jewellery shop in Swansea, with jewellery for all occasions

Come in today or give Phillip a call for a great range of designer and custom-made jewellery .

Skamperlé Jewellers is far from your average jewellery shop.

Phillip has been designing, making and repairing jewellery for  over 45 years.

Our range  and adaptability of designs is sure to excite you!

We source our gemstones from only the finest merchants in Australia, as are our chains and bracelets, which is your assurance of quality.

If you're after something truly unique talk to us about custom jewellery design at our jewellery shop in Swansea. Trust us to have your precious jewellery  repaired, re-modelled or valued.

Skamperlé History

Starting as a 15 year old with a well known Sydney based manufacturer George Wilson of York Manufacturing, Phillip soon advanced to handmaking pieces as a second year apprentice for a popular Double Bay jewellers with some of those pieces appearing in editions of Vogue magazine. Over the years Phillip has worked with some of Australia's leading designers. 2018 sees Phillip in his 43rd year as a master jeweller. There is still available to all clients the opportunity to have a beautiful fully handmade individual piece. Also there is the option to have a CAD designed piece drawn and made using the latest programs available along with state of the art manufacturing facilites. As a Licensed Second Hand Dealer Phillip also offers competetive pricing on buy back of any old metal and gems that may be of no further use to clients. With Phillip's technical knowledge there is also the choice of using your sentimental articles that may have seen better days to be re-used and transformed into something new and exciting. Skamperlé Jewellers can also assure clients that there items are safe and secure in store with all work, except gemstone repolishing, being carried out on the premises so their items never leave the store without permission first being sought. 


We are a quality jewellery shop with an air of distinction and uniqueness. In addition, we can help with the following services:

  • Resizing
  • Diamond Setting
  • Expert advice
  • Licensed Valuer (NCJV Lic. No 337)
  • Antique Repairs
  • Wedding rings
  • Engagement rings
  • Rings for men
  • An elegant and distinctive addition to your jewellery collection
  • Full CAD Design Service available

Skamperlé Jewellers